Stable Releases

To install from a zip, simply extract the SMT folder from the zip into your processing libraries folder. If you don't know how to do that, we recommend downloading SMT with Processing's IDE instead ( see below ).

SMT 4.2 [ download ] [ release notes ] ( Processing v2.1.1+ )

SMT 3.8 [ download ] [ release notes ] ( Processing v2.1 )

Older releases and pre-releases are archived here: SMT Releases

Recent Pre-Releases

Beta: v4.1b3 Alpha: v4.2a1 Auto-Build: Auto-Build Status

Downloading SMT with the Processing IDE

The recommended way of using SMT with Processing is to use the IDE to install and update it. To do so, open the Library Manager in Processing. Change the Category to I/O and look for Simple Multi-Touch (SMT). Once you find it, click the install button.

Warning: SMT currently only works with Processing 2.1.1+. For older versions of processing, download SMT 3.8.