Simple Multi-Touch (SMT) is an open source Processing toolkit designed to make multi-touch computing accessible to non-experts, and to facilitate rapid prototyping of interactive applications.

SMT can be used in Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux environments. It supports multiple input sources for touch events:

It can either be used in the Processing IDE, or in a Java IDE such as Eclipse. The only requirement to use SMT within a Java application is the Processing library files, as well as the SMT jar file. Check out this tutorial on using Processing in Eclipse.

Check out the lab website for SMT - vialab.science.uoit.ca/portfolio/smt-toolkit. The Simple Multi-Touch initiative was started in 2011 through a collaboration of people at the University of Ontario Insitute of Technology and the University of Waterloo. The current list of contributors includes Erik Paluka, Kalev Kalda Sikes, Zachary Cook, Dr. Christopher Collins, and Dr. Mark Hancock.