CSCI 3090U – Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics

This course provides a basic introduction to computer graphics and scientific visualization. Basic properties of display devices, graphics objects, and common graphics operations will be identified. The use of colour, texture, lighting and surface/contour plots will be surveyed. Examples from modelling of PDEs will be presented.

CSCI 3090 Syllabus 2014

Best Raytracing Project for CSCI 3090, 2014

Congratulations to Wesley Taylor for the best raytracing project for CSCI 3090 for Winter 2014.  Wesley’s rendering includes the basic requirements, plus reflection, refraction, soft shadows, and a series of complex geometries.  Furthermore, Wesley created a parallelized implementation and ran the rendering on a high-performance computing system to generate a 4K image for his final submission.  Well done!



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