Prototypes and Data Visualization for the project
"An Adaptive Crowdsourcing Investigation of Word Abbreviation Techniques for Text Visualizations"

by Mariana Shimabukuro

Abbreviation Prototypes

Abbreviate in Screen Space

Compare between different abbreviation techniques for a given word in a resizable interface.

Abbreviate in Number of Letters

Create abbreviations using "Abbreviation on Demand" algorithm in a given length.

Abbreviate Tweets

Abbreviate tweets messages into 160 characters.

Treemap Vis Abbreviated

Compare the performance of different abbreviation techniques in a treemap visualizations.

Exploring Study Data

Letter Cloud -
Kept Letter Frequency

Visualizing the most kept letters for the study words.

Letter Cloud
(with stressed syllable)

Visualizing the most kept letters and their stressed syllables for the study words.

Monograph Dropping Frequency

Visualize the dropped letters frequency on the study.

Digraphs Dropping Frequency

Visualize the dropped digraphes on the study.

Correlation Matrix

Visualize the correlation matrix (probability_drop_digraph * frequency_digraph_on_study * abbreviation_accuracy_digraph_dropped)