vialab hosted talk: Dr. Nathalie Henry Riche, Microsoft Research

Title:¬†Data-driven Storytelling: Transforming Data into Visually Shared Stories Abstract: In this talk, I will present my most recent research efforts in the field of information visualization and data-driven storytelling. While most of the research in information visualization has been focusing on designing and implementing novel interfaces and interactive techniques to enable data exploration, data visualizations […]

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Vialab contributions to IEEE VIS 2017

Vialab members had several contributions to the IEEE VIS conference in Phoenix this month. Our contr[...]

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Vialab member Menna El-Assady presented ‘NEREx: Named-Entity Relationship Exploration in Multi-Party Conversations’ at EuroVis 2017 in Barcelona.

We are pleased to announce that this month, a Vialab member has presented a new paper. “NEREx:[...]

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