Vialab member Menna El-Assady presented ‘NEREx: Named-Entity Relationship Exploration in Multi-Party Conversations’ at EuroVis 2017 in Barcelona.

We are pleased to announce that this month, a Vialab member has presented a new paper. “NEREx: Named-Entity Relationship Exploration in Multi-Party Conversations” was lead by PhD student Mennatallah El-Assady, and presents a visualization used to explore political debates and multi-party conversations. By revealing different perspectives on multi-party conversations, NEREx gives an entry point for the […]

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Funded PhD Position in Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Funded PhD Position in Interfaces for Explainable Artificial Intelligence When an artificial intelli[...]

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Summer and Graduate Positions at Vialab

In the summer of 2017 Dr. Christopher Collins at the Visualization for Information Analysis lab (via[...]

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